Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Jury slides are in

Today my friend Shannon and I went (with the Zack-man, of course!) to Arundel Mills. We were going to meet a friend/colleague/customer of mine, too, but yesterday she got exposed in a major way to chicken pox and I haven't had it, and Zack hasn't had it, so she stayed home. Chicken pox -- yikes. I've had the vaccine but still, not a good thing to be around, especially with Zack starting preschool on Monday!

On the way home (after getting NOTHING that was on my list and a bunch of things that WEREN'T) we stopped in Annapolis to drop off boxes of Zack's clothes and toys for the Katrina Relief drive. An organization has two big trucks there taking all kinds of things -- I saw huge bags of dogfood, suitcases, toys, dishes -- you name it. Shannon and I are going to go through our houses again and see what else we can scare up.

On a business note, got my jury slides back today -- to get into many of the art/craft shows that I do, potential exhibitors have to send in slides of their work to be seen by a "jury". The jewelry category is always one with LOTS of applicants, so I usually apply to twice as many shows as I actually want to get in to. I got some new slides taken for this coming year's juries and posted them here...

I particularly like the Bali silver one -- it's an idea that I've had for a while but it took me a while to collect enough of the BIG silver beads to make it work.

Off to bed -- reading a new book called A Question of Attraction -- the main character has a wry, self-depricating sense of humor that makes me laugh out loud, which is great for entertainment but not so good when I wake up my sleeping husband!

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