Friday, September 02, 2005


I just wrote a couple of hours ago but I just spent some time online looking at photos of the devastation in New Orleans and it hit me hard when I realized I'd actually been inside the convention center, walked down those streets, been inside the Riverwalk. It's always that much more poignant when you see photos of places you know and recognize. I spent a week in New Orleans for a Microsoft convention back in the days when I had a "day" job and it just struck me as I looked that I had BEEN there. And now look at it.

I feel so helpless. I want to drive down, load up my car with people, bring them back here. Hand out food, water, books, hugs. Instead I'm here feeling guilty for being as blessed as I am.

Rick's birthday is today and tonight we went out to dinner and we talked at length about the plight of these people. I can't complain about high gas prices -- I have a car to drive and somewhere to drive it to. I'm just overwhelmed with all of this and don't even know how to think about it all. It certainly puts life into perspective.

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