Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Zack's Haircut and a New Ring

Took Zack to get his curls trimmed -- man oh day. Let's just put it this way -- I gave a ten dollar tip for a $14.00 haircut! I'll have to corner him tomorrow and take a picture -- he's utterly adorable.

While waiting for lunch time, we stopped by Bailey, Banks, and Biddle jewelers. I only intended to get my ring cleaned, but while I was waiting, I started looking at other rings. I've been on the search for a Right Hand Ring for some time now. I wasn't entirely sure what I was looking for, just knew I'd know it when I saw it.

Found it! This gorgeous milky aquamarine ring -- my birthstone, so it seemed perfect. It's unusual without being TOO unusual, and of the four or five rings I tried on, Zack approved this one! I couldn't believe how quiet and content he was at the jewelers, but it could have had something to do with the lollypop he got at the hair cutters.

Still can't believe I bought it.

Rick is taking Colin to Yale tomorrow to start his PhD program (Physics) and tomorrow my friend Kiersten is coming over with (I think) six kids to play with Zack. Then *I* get to go get my hair cut at 4pm -- hopefully third time's the charm, and I'll get a decent cut!

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