Friday, August 05, 2005

yay, it's the weekend

What is my plan for this weekend? Make jewelry! It's too hot to do anything, the beach traffic still snarls up any plans to go anywhere at all, and I really, really need to catch up -- especially since I just spent almost 2 weeks working on a large special order for someone who unceremoniously canceled this morning with no explaination. I try to have the best customer service around, but I'm going to have to start getting prepayments for special orders -- I can't have this happen again!

Oh, and started a new book last night -- Michael Connelly's The Closers. I've read all of his books and this is another Harry Bosch book and so I'm hoping it's as good as the others, but it either starts slow or I was just too tired last night to enjoy it.

Ah, and something I just learned in the past half hour -- NEVER let your husband pick your hair color. I now have burgundy hair. Sigh. If you've been a reader of my Blog for a while, you know I have NO luck with my hair. I guess I should have read the box of hair color, rather than looked at the picture -- "Crushed Garnet" should have been my first clue. All I said to my husband was that I wanted to get RID of the red and go back to my natural (dark) color. Now I have what I've always considered "Artist" hair -- a great, funky color but so NOT me.

Dang him, he actually laughed when I walked in the room.


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