Saturday, August 06, 2005

web site is being updated -- and more on the hair color debacle

First and foremost, the web site is being updated this weekend -- so if you are reading this, you get a sneak preview and first dibs at new things before I send out the official update!

And for those of you who are following the Woeful Tale of Lori's Hair -- after Rick laughed at me last night (remember, HE picked the color) I told him I wasn't stepping foot outside the house until he went back to the store and bought me "Chestnut Roast", which is what *I* had picked originally and should have chosen all along.

Well, he was great (he really is, just color blind) and the box was waiting on the bathroom counter when I woke up. So even though I just colored last night, I did it again.

EXCEPT, the Crushed Garnet was so intense a color (duh, no kidding, right?) the Chestnut Roast just toned down the red. So now I have artsy burgundy hair for a while. Sigh. And I have a friend who hasn't seen me in years coming to visit on Monday. Oh well, if I *act* cool enough for this hair, maybe it will all be ok.

At least I'm not glowing and visible for miles around.

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