Thursday, August 11, 2005

one day closer to the weekend!


Been busy tonight -- filling orders is a lot of fun, especially special orders for dichroic glass pieces. I usually do those during the day since the colors are easier to match to crystal in daylight, so those beauties are waiting for me first thing tomorrow morning.

The Zack-man is so cute. He has known his letters for a long time, but today at the library we got a DVD for him to watch that teaches the letter sounds, so he can start associating them and be that much closer to reading words. His favorite letter, unsurprisingly, is "T", for train. He sees the letter T and he goes, "T! CHOOO CHOOOO!"

Off to bed -- starting a new book I got at the library -- a collection of short stories whose title escapes me right now. I grabbed it without much thought, as I'd forgotten to bring this huge list I keep on the computer of books I want to read. Anyone else think that heaven is a big Barnes and Noble???

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