Monday, August 22, 2005

Long Day for Zack

Today was a LONG day for Zack. He is tongue tied -- the frenulum that attaches the tongue to the bottom of the mouth is too tight, and it makes it almost impossible for him to make certain sounds, and is therefore making speech tough. He talks all the time, but he's hard to understand. We had an appointment at Johns Hopkins Medical Center (an hour and a half drive from home) at 12:30 -- right when Zack is set for a nap.

TWO HOURS LATER the doctor sees us. And oh is Zack not happy. And then another doctor sees him. Tears all around. Bottom line, though, is he will be having the minor surgery needed to clip that tight part -- he'll be under only about 2 minutes. I am so not looking forward to them putting needles in my baby's arm but I know this is for the best. Heaven knows we've had enough opinions from doctors and speech therapists.

On a sunnier note (and thus the smiley face!) -- I just packed a 3 pound box of jewelry off to a super customer (thanks, Andrea!). I should have been making more things for this weekend but I had an application for spring shows due and my slides just arrived today so I got that all done. As soon as the slides come back from being made digital, I'll post them on the web site. Robert Diamante is magical with a camera!

Thank you to all of you who have been sending me emails recently -- I appreciate all the kind words and support for Zack!

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