Monday, August 29, 2005

Fun day scheduled for tomorrow

I'm so excited -- I get to meet one of my internet beading buddies tomorrow! She's driving quite a long way with her two kids to come play at Guppys and then just hang out, have dinner, before heading back. VERY excited.

Reading a new book, started it last night -- Tomcat In Love by Tim O'Brien. I'm interested immediately because of his humor. I ditched the book I started over the weekend, Dupont Circle -- it just plodded and I couldn't get into it at all. Which is a shame, since I have shopped Dupont Circle in Washington DC many times and thought it would be neat to read about places I've been.

Not much to write about today -- have to get back to the beading table. Four shows remaining for the year, three of them major, so I have to get inventory for the web site as well as for the shows.

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