Wednesday, July 06, 2005

NO Catoctin Colorfest this year

I am so bummed. Last year I exhibited at the Catoctin Colorfest in Thurmont, MD. It's a huge, huge show -- it basically takes over the entire town. People show up hours before the show technically starts and start buying. If your tent is open at 6am, people are there.

Last year we were told that we could pick up applications for the next year at the Information Booth, and my husband picked one up for me, and I filled it in and mailed it as soon as I got home. That was probably the problem -- being too efficient and too early, because I've been waiting for my booth assignment for a while now and hadn't received anything. So I emailed the show organizers, and they said they had no application from me.

ARGH! I know I mailed it in, but what can I do? They said they are full and I can send it in so "maybe" if a space comes up, I can come, but there's no way I could just get a phone call the day of and drive 4 hours, hope for a hotel room, and set up (all with a toddler in tow).

So now I have a BIG gap, right in the beginning of the Christmas season, because Colorfest really was the kick-off for holiday selling for me. And it's too late to get into anything else -- any other juried show had a deadline of January. I'm trying to tell myself that things always happen for a reason, but when I see a significant chunk of potential income vanish, I can't help but feel miserable.

Well, enough belly-aching. I need to focus on a NEW show I'm doing this weekend in New Jersey -- maybe it will go so well that it will make up for the loss of the October one!

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