Sunday, July 31, 2005

Some photos from the jewelry party

Here are some of the things folks made -- sorry for the bad photography, but at least I remembered my camera this time! We had a great time, and these things are always fun.

This weekend I managed to make some (in my opinion) VERY cool things that I can't wait to photograph, but we're leaving on Tuesday to move Ryan into his new apartment at Virginia Tech. He starts his PhD program, yikes! I won't be back home until Thursday evening but hope to start then. I've made several styles of LONG necklaces that can be wrapped two or three times, and some awesome earrings.

Finished Harry Potter (this one was my favorite, held my interest all the way through), Janet Evanovich's "Eleven On Top", and am not starting an old book, "Sybil" -- multiple personalities, etc. A couple of friends of mine were talking about it and I saw the movie "The Three Faces of Eve" back in high school, so I thought, what the heck.

Back to the jewelry table!

Friday, July 29, 2005

Jewelry Party Tonight

Tonight a friend of mine is hosting a jewelry making party -- I'm bringing about two pounds of David Christensen furnace glass (that's a LOT of beads), crystal, and silver and a bunch of people are coming over to make bracelets. Should be a lot of fun! Furnace glass beads are so cool -- they look like hard candy all spilled into a bowl.

Wednesday, July 27, 2005

The Baltimore Aquarium

I took Zack to the Baltimore Aquarium yesterday -- he loves going to PetSmart to see the fish and I thought this would be a good way to spend some time since it's been ROASTING hot here.

He had a great time -- didn't spend tons of time at each exhibit but then I didn't expect him to. The aquarium is very neat -- expensive, but neat. Lots of sharks and manta rays, and it was all really well done. The last aquarium I'd been to was the Monterey Bay Aquarium, and Baltimore's was just as good.

Rick comes home tomorrow from Florida, YAY!!!!!!

Monday, July 25, 2005


Went to IKEA today with Ryan and Zack -- boy was Zack a pistol. Normally he's a good traveler and a fairly decent shopper. As long as I split up time with things for HIM to do and things for ME to do, we're good, and IKEA is very kid-friendly. But for some reason (maybe because Daddy has been gone so long on business) he's just not right. Was NOT the easiest shopping trip and I HAD to buy a new kitchen table (AKA, my work space) and I was so rushed that I ended up with chairs that I don't much care for. The table I love, the chairs, well, not as much, but I was more interested in getting something and getting the heck out of there.

Thank goodness Ryan went with me because I never could have done it alone -- the heavy lifting I had totally not thought about, for one! But now I have a great table that is a bit wider and as soon as I get chair cushions, I'll have a more comfortable work environment!

Nothing new made today -- finished 25 breast cancer awareness pendants for a friend's conference and got prepared for a furnace glass bracelet-making party I'm doing on Friday. Hopefully, once Rick is back on Thursday, I can make some of the things that have been floating around in my mind.

Sunday, July 24, 2005

I am tired

What am I tired of?

1) My husband having to travel for 10 days for one. I am SO over that.

2) I'm also tired of being tired all the time -- no joke. It's a vicious circle. I'm tired, I get run down, I get sick, I waste a week of no working on jewelry. This week I have gotten nothing done except for orders that have come in (thank you, guys!). I have a million ideas, and just got in some killer silver, but do I have time? See #1 above.

3) I am tired of being so tired I can't muster the gumption to work out. I know, I know, "work out, you'll feel better" but when I can't even remember my name from exhaustion, getting on an elliptical trainer just doesn't seem like the best idea.

4)I am tired of still not knowing, after two and a half years, what the heck I'm doing raising Zack. Why do I say this? We're trying potty training this week. Need I say more????

5) I am tired of bad haircuts. I've had two in a row and desperately need to get it cut again but have NO idea who to go to.

6) I am tired of never knowing how to spell desperately (desparately?) right the first time. Spell check ALWAYS dings me on the same few words over and over and over -- you would think I'd start getting it right!


Sorry for the rant. But Blogs are good for that!

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Getting ready to start Harry Potter!

I had pre-ordered the latest Harry Potter ages ago and it arrived on Saturday, but I was about 100 pages from finishing another book (a Dragonlance Chronicles book I got back when I was in high school) and really wanted to finish it first. Well that got finished this morning and I'm heading up for a soak and a read!

Monday, July 18, 2005

slowly adding things....

All the BIG boys (Ryan, Colin, and Rick) went to the Nationals baseball game tonight, so I didn't get a lot done other than play with Zack. Zack wore himself out running around and I'm not far behind.

I did get a few pieces on the What's New page, and more are coming all week. Expect a formal update soon!

Friday, July 15, 2005

working on new things all weekend!

I'm going to be working, working, working all weekend to get things made and put on the web site early next week. Rick has to go back to Florida for a week and a half (right in the middle of where the hurricane hit) and who knows how much time I'll have then.... Zack hates when Daddy is gone. At least this time we're both not sick!

Elizabeth is setting up her lampwork studio -- she just bought a separate building to hook everything up in. I'm really excited for her, and you'll be seeing her beads on the web site soon, I hope!

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Haddonfield was GREAT!

WHAT a great show! This was my first time exhibiting at the Haddonfield Art and Craft Festival and it was my best show yet! I met so many wonderful people, the town is just gorgeous, and I sold a ton of things! It was just so gratifying to know that people liked what I had. I wish I'd had time to go walk around the show, as I only saw a few other booths, but there were quite a number of amazing artists there.

I was so tired and wiped out from the heat that yesterday I lay down to take a nap at 5pm and didn't wake up until 7am this morning, and I slept through my alarm...the only reason I woke up was Rick called me to make sure I was up to take Zack to a doctor's appointment! Yikes! But man did I need that sleep.

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

NO Catoctin Colorfest this year

I am so bummed. Last year I exhibited at the Catoctin Colorfest in Thurmont, MD. It's a huge, huge show -- it basically takes over the entire town. People show up hours before the show technically starts and start buying. If your tent is open at 6am, people are there.

Last year we were told that we could pick up applications for the next year at the Information Booth, and my husband picked one up for me, and I filled it in and mailed it as soon as I got home. That was probably the problem -- being too efficient and too early, because I've been waiting for my booth assignment for a while now and hadn't received anything. So I emailed the show organizers, and they said they had no application from me.

ARGH! I know I mailed it in, but what can I do? They said they are full and I can send it in so "maybe" if a space comes up, I can come, but there's no way I could just get a phone call the day of and drive 4 hours, hope for a hotel room, and set up (all with a toddler in tow).

So now I have a BIG gap, right in the beginning of the Christmas season, because Colorfest really was the kick-off for holiday selling for me. And it's too late to get into anything else -- any other juried show had a deadline of January. I'm trying to tell myself that things always happen for a reason, but when I see a significant chunk of potential income vanish, I can't help but feel miserable.

Well, enough belly-aching. I need to focus on a NEW show I'm doing this weekend in New Jersey -- maybe it will go so well that it will make up for the loss of the October one!

Saturday, July 02, 2005

Happy 4th of July Weekend!

Thank goodness for the weekend! I've been fighting a hellacious cold and ear infection and it's just put a major damper on things. Plus, Rick was in Florida for work all this past week so Zack was 100% what I did day to day.

I just cleared off everything on the "What's New" part of the website in anticipation of putting new things up today. In the meantime, I wanted to show you a necklace I made for myself -- an odd color combination for me but I like it so much I'm keeping it! Everyone always assumes I have this great closest full of jewelry, but actually, I tend to wear the same things over and over and over -- I'm trying to get better at wearing new things more.

So here it is! Made with smoky quartz, Bali silver, and vintage pale pink German glass.