Thursday, June 02, 2005

What kind of jewelry, Part Two

I'm glad I got a response! If you aren't a "member" of the Blogger, the post is anonymous (which is totally fine) but then I can't respond to you personally -- and you may or may not want that, just wanted to let you know.

Colors -- I can do just about anything in any color. If you see a piece and you like it but want it in a different color, email me, give me some parameters. Right now, I'm having a lot of fun with turquoise, and I have a lot of multi-colored things going on, too, but they seem to sell faster than I can get them on the web.

Also, if you see a picture of something and want to get a quote for me making it for you, shoot that photo to me, let me see what you have in mind!

Thanks again for the comments!


  1. Anonymous8:22 PM

    please put the stuff that goes quickly on the site. are you just selling the really cool pieces at your shows?

  2. Hi Anonymous -- actually, in the past weeks I've had calls from stores that want things, and I have a big bin of stuff that still needs photographing, and I often find what they are looking for in THERE.

    The shows do take up a lot of the inventory -- I have easily four times as much stuff in inventory as I have on the site. If you're near to any of my shows, I hope you can come look --

    Lori Anderson

  3. Anonymous11:35 AM

    I'd like to see some longer style necklaces and what happened to the fickle earrings?

  4. Anonymous8:52 PM

    i am not on the east coast. i can't get to your shows. am desperate for some new jewelry. please post as much as you can, we are looking daily at the new stuff and waiting for more to buy. longer style necklaces would be great. i don't like to wear my necklaces so high up. can you do wire work on your sterling silver earrings?

  5. Anonymous8:54 PM

    Anything mixing red and turquoise would be exciting. Thank you

  6. Anonymous4:16 PM

    When will you be posting new items again?


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