Monday, June 20, 2005

back from Milwaukee!

I got back from the Bead and Button show yesterday $1,800 lighter, but RICHER in cool beads, particularly handmade artist lampwork. You'll be seeing some new things soon (I hope!) with my new stash.

Did you know that now the days will be getting shorter? Summer is only starting, and as of tomorrow, the days will be getting shorter and shorter every day, as yesterday was the longest day of the year. Hard to believe! But we've got plenty of hot weather here to come -- and I hate the heat.

Well, I have a HUGE crystal shipment to sort so I'd better finish that before I start looking at my new goodies I bought at B and B! More later!

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  1. Anonymous9:59 AM

    I'd like to see some pictures of you in the middle of these big crystal and bead purchases!


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