Sunday, June 05, 2005

Answering questions asked

Sorry for the delay -- the show at St. Michael's, MD, was a huge success. I did have someone steal a ring (bummer) but I believe in karma and what goes around comes around. What bothers me is if that person had come to me wanting the ring but couldn't afford it, I would have worked something out -- but anyway! Hope they like it!

Now, to answer all the questions that you have all so kindly asked -- I don't see who it is who asked unless you put your name in so I'm just answering these here and hope you see them....

1) When will I be posting new items? By tomorrow with any luck at all. I also run several bead co-op-type buys so I'm sitting here looking at about 10 more bead orders that have to be filled tonight. I also haven't opened my mail in three days (and there's BEADS in there!) -- BUT I have some new things, and will also start posting a few Fourth of July items, too. So hopefully Monday.

2) Fickle earrings -- these are also going to be posted this week -- I promise. Just wrote myself a HUGE note! Hopefully you'll be pleased and it won't be a huge let down, waiting all this time.

3) Longer necklaces -- I personally like my necklaces long but it seemed that every time I made a long one, I'd have the customer want it shorter. EVERYTHING I make can be made longer or shorter and usually at little to no extra cost -- just depends upon what the necklace is made of.

4) Someone requested red and turquoise together -- I have one art glass bracelet up that is in those colors, and I think I still have some branch coral that I can mix with some turquoise, and will make that up and post -- see what you think.

5) Wire work on my earrings -- do you have pictures or a description of what you're talking about? I do some wire work but they aren't on the site because earrings were tough to make lie still on the scanner. Once I get the camera worked out, I can get more up there - I have literally hundreds of earrings in stock but they obviously aren't all on the site.

OK! I think that answers all the questions for now -- I so happy to get the comments and requests -- it helps so much to know what YOU want. I read a ton of magazines and catalogs to look at trends, but when it comes down to it, I make what I like, and what my customers like, no matter if they are in or out!

Best wishes to all!!!!!

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  1. Anonymous5:32 PM

    I know you are able to lengthen your necklaces but a lot of the ones you are making now would not work being long... Can't wait to see the new posting!


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