Saturday, October 16, 2010

My Discovery of Art Beads

Head over to Art Bead Scene to learn more about my discover of art beads!

Click here!


Francy said...

cool beads! I found a lady on etsy that makes beads that look like ur fur baby!

Art beads , well actually any bead maker is awesome in my book.

steufel said...

Thxs for sharing, Lori!

cookievf said...

ooooh! gotta check that out! I have recently started to make jewelry and yes, fallen in love with these pretties. Will share a link with a Parisian artist I discovered on etsy -
(1) and (2) shows her studio So we are on the same page... - vicki

PS followed FB link from Jenny Doh to Michael Meng to YOU!

one-eared pig said...

What a happy display!



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