Friday, November 07, 2008

Fun Christmas Shopping

I love -- they are fun, quirky, and you can be guaranteed of always finding something cool there.

I just perused their web site and here are some cool things you might like -- especially if you are shopping for the person who has everything!
I am always making lists, and always forgetting them. This would be good for me and any other write-it-on-your-hand type people.

You get 12 temporary tattoos for 7.00. (Wouldn't this be a COOL gift for that person whose name you drew at the office???)

Next up -- shoelaces inspired by Japanese kimonos:

These are just cool. And pretty. Wouldn't Mom love them? You get two pairs for 7.95.

And last, for the man in your life who is impossible to buy for, I present this:

Now he doesn't have to climb up and down ladders for more nails, won't choke on a mouthful of screws -- and they're also super paper-clip holders, which I sure could have used back in my stuffing-envelopes days. You get to pick a color, and it's 19.95.

Now of course, if you are wishing for jewelry this year, just hop on over to my web site,, and make up a list. Hey, you could use that To-Do Tattoo and stick that right on hubby's arm. Yeah.

Happy shopping!


  1. Those are some pretty cool gift ideas. My husband could actually use one of those wrist things.

  2. I need to go check out their website!


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